A House of Prayer, Praise and Power For All People!

Celebration International Church located in Wayland, Massachusetts (20 miles west of Boston) is a multi-cultural, multi-generational congregation committed to the vision of reaching, restoring and equipping people to fulfill their purpose in life. You are invited to join us for worship each Sunday and to participate in our weekly ministries.

History of Celebration International Church

Tracing one's roots is so important. To understand where you are going you need to know where you came from.  The following is a brief history of CIC.


Humble Pentecostal Beginnings:


Samuel G. Otis was the founder of the Christian Workers Union in Springfield MA in 1878. He was a Pentecostal pioneer in New England and when the fire fell in Azusa Street Los Angeles in 1906, Samuel Otis' group was one of the first to embrace the baptism in the Holy Spirit. He was used by God to communicate Spirit filled teachings and events with his publication “Word and Work” which reached thousands of readers throughout the world. He founded the Wellesley Park Campground on Oak Street in Natick, MA. This campground became the home of a new church in 1932 when Pastor Alfred Wight started holding meetings in the “cook shack” and incorporated this new church as Wellesley Park Assembly of God. A small white church was erected on the corner of Oak Street and Sunshine Avenue in Natick. 


The church continued to grow and spread the Pentecostal message throughout New England and was used by the Lord to raise up many pastors and missionaries serving around the world. From 1943-1990 Wellesley Park Assembly of God was led by these pastors: Pastor Suedine, Fernie Strength, Clifford Browne, Lyle Butler, Harold Beasley, and Jack Mitchell. In 1991, Pastor Joseph Sapienza succeeded Jack Mitchell. Under Pastor Sapienza, the church changed the name to Celebration International Church (CIC), capturing the wonderfully diverse growth the church experienced. A highlight of this season was the missions department. CIC not only sponsored many missionaries, but it also send out mission teams from our local church to various places including Haiti, Brazil, Italy, Dominican Republic and others preaching the gospel and loving on people. 

Then in 2019, Pastor Joseph retired, but not before raising up another leader from within the church. This brings us to the present day. Now our mission is being carried forward under the leadership of Pastor Brian Faria. 



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